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February 16, 2020
8 Must-Use Types of Digital Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own. If you’re not running digital marketing, you may as well close up shop. Looking at the big picture, data shows us that 92 per cent of consumers shop online. That means if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence, you’re missing out on the vast majority of […]

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January 29, 2020
How to grow your private practice.

Most anyone that has gone into private practice as a therapist or counselor remembers their first client. It is always an exciting thing to get that first paying “customer” through the door. And it always seems like number two, three and four, etc. are the ones you have to work the hardest to get. Growing […]

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April 10, 2019
Top 5 Benefits Of Using Chatbots For Your Business

Chatbots have been all the buzz these days. You see them in abundance in Facebook Messenger. What might be the reason for this sudden surge in chatbots? Why are they getting so popular? The purpose of chat bots is to support and scale business teams in their relations with customers. Doing this helps businesses save a lot […]

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